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GoodluckH / Xipu


📍 San Francisco

🔨 Web2 - Yet another full-stack guy

🦄 Web3 - Wrote Smart Contracts, dabbled in ZKP, still figuring out DeFi

📈 Finance - Experience in anything from aligning logos to massaging numbers

✍️ Writing - Love writing. Be it Twitter troll posts or investment memos

🌐 Learn more:

Fun fact: Happiness comes at 3 am with 20+ tabs of Stack Overflow accompanied by

Team contributions

  • Wrote Arrow's token and vesting contracts that conform to the UUPS proxy to enable upgradeability
  • Migrated the test suite from Brownie to Chai/Mocha
  • Here and there for the Arrow website

Main skills


  • Front End: React, Vue, SwiftUI, Chakra UI, Next.js
  • Back End: Firebase, Node.js, AWS, MongoDB, EVM
  • Language: Java/TypeScript, Solidity, Swift, Python, Java, Rust


  • Client-Facing: Pitch Decks, Memos, Emails that give you the Wall Street vibe
  • Investment: Financial Modeling, Financial Statement Analysis
  • Strategy: Market Sizing/Analysis, A/B Testing, Industry Mapping

Please involve me!

hmu if you got something related to software engineering, writing, finance, and golden retrievers.