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Services Introduction

The software backend of Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM).

Fleet routing, optimization, vertiport scheduling, flight booking, automated maintenance scheduling, regulatory compliance, and more.

📚 Document Types

Concept of OperationsCONOPSGoals and motivation for the creation of a module.
Key components, risk factors, modes of operation, and impact assessment.
Software Design DocumentSDDDescription of module implementation.
Sequence diagrams.
Interface Control DocumentICDThe source of truth of a module's interfaces.
Systems Engineering Management PlanSEMPDocument and code lifecycle management.

🔭 High-Level Documentation

🐜 Module-Level Documentation

All module repositories have a docs folder.


Server-side request handler for cargo flights. Handle customer cargo flight requests and obtain itinerary information.


Create, modify, and delete flights considering vertiport and aircraft schedules, optimize fleet routing.


Retrieve and store data to various databases for other microservices.


Calculates the cost of an itinerary and the price presented to customers.


Registration and management of network assets.


Receive and rebroadcast vehicle and vertiport telemetry.


Receive and rebroadcast vehicle and vertiport compliance.

📜 Relevant Supplementary Materials

1️⃣ R1 Kickoff SlidesOverview of planned R1 work and demos
2️⃣ R2 Kickoff SlidesOverview of planned R2 work and demos

👥 Contributors

See the Arrow-air/services team.

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