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Financial Metrics

As of October 14, 2022:

Treasury Value: $1,800,000 ($600k in ETH, $1.2m in USDC)

Monthly Burn Rate: $50k/mo

Runway: 36 Months

The Treasury

Arrow's treasury is currently controlled by a multisig signed by five of our current core contributors. We have our primary wallet and a transactional account used for our compensation streams and operational expenses. Both of these accounts can be viewed here:



Our treasury funds came from a donation of 1,500,000 USDC and 519.3 ETH from thomasg in April 2022.

Long Term Financial Planning

More advanced financial projections accounting for our expenses growing over time, and the price of the ETH in our treasury changing can be found on the google sheet here.

A few realistic guesses at expense growth have yielded a total runway of between 18 and 24 months.

We aren't planning on reaching positive cashflow by the end of our runway, and will plan to raise additional funds before the end of our runway.