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Getting Started

The best way to get connected with the Arrow community and start working is to join our Discord server!

Introduce yourself in the #general channel and we'll all be happy to get you up to speed - we're a friendly bunch!

❗ As a general rule of culture, you don't need formal permission to start working on anything. However, it's best to communicate well with the community to keep us all aligned and working on high-impact tasks.

See the Development Guide for contributions to our GitHub repositories.

To ensure that you have a smooth contributing experience (and get paid fairly 😊), we created this page to include every technology and documentation we used to establish our workflows and compensation frameworks.

👥 Collaboration


We use Discord to exchange ideas, schedule meetings, and send memes around. Arrow's Discord channel is the best place to keep up with Arrow's development and hang out with other contributors. All of our meetings happen and are scheduled through Discord - join them!


Everything we do is open-sourced. Software and hardware engineering works can be found from our repositories.


Dework is a web3-native collaboration platform that allows for tasks/bounties management. Contributors can sync up their Discord roles to Dework and get compensated. Dework is also a good place to see what people are working on and their progress.

💸 Compensation

There are multiple ways to get compensated:

  • Bounties: Complete bounties on Dework will be paid in USDC or ARROW, or a mix of both. These will be specific tasks that have a defined scope ahead of time.
  • Grants: If you have an idea for something that you think would benefit Arrow, you can pitch it to us and we may give you a grant to work on it. Similar to a bounty, we will set milestones and USDC/ARROW payouts. We also strive to issue retroactive grants when contributions are made without any compensation plan set ahead of time. Send a message in #general if you have a grant idea or think someone deserves a retroactive grant.
  • Commitment Track: Our core contributors are paid by a combination of Arrow tokens and USDC stablecoins. Think of this as the "base salary" of a traditional job. Of course, we provide flexibility on your commitment level. See below for more information. If you're interested in progressing to commitment track, start with some bounties and grants first to get integrated with Arrow.
  • Bonus: Each regular contributor has 1,000 ARROW each month to "tip" other contributors to appreciate their works. This is done in Coordinape (see below).

❗ As of now, we're still finalizing the details of our Arrow token, but we will make sure that all contributors are retroactively rewarded for all of their hard work. We strive to have a culture of merit - If you contribute something valuable, you will be rewarded.


Contributors can see what other contributors are doing/have done in a given month and have 1,000 ARROW tokens to allocate to other contributors to show their appreciation.


Contributors admitted to the Commitment Track will be able to receive USDC and Arrow token vesting through LlamaPay, a web3 product that pays you per second. It's super cool!

📜 Docs

Contributors who are interested in the Commitment Track should monitor Discord for each period's sign-up announcements. Usually, the sign-up is done by filling out a Google Form.

Arrow Compensation Framework: The most detailed explanation of Arrow's compensation framework. This is the single source of truth from which compensation tools are configured.

Arrow Contributor Compensation Workbook: Outlines requirements for different levels of expertise and a brief compensation scenario analysis.

ARROW Initial Allocation and Management [DRAFT]: Outlines the proposed token allocation for founding contributors. It also provides a breakdown of the use of the ARROW treasury.


Our contributors are located across the globe! HammerTime allows you to share a date/time in the Discord and convert it to localized format, so that contributors can see the correct time in their respective timezones.

Arrow Drive

The Google Drive stores important paperwork, engineering concepts, presentations, brand artworks, and more.

👋 Contributor Introduction Pages

Can't find your introduction page? You can add it yourself!

  1. Copy the contents of the contributors template
  2. Go to the contributors directory in GitHub
  3. Select Add file -> Create new file
  4. Paste the contents you copied from the template
  5. Fill out the template with your own information (you can use the preview to see if you're happy with the result)
  6. Create a PR from a new branch image
  7. Your PR will be reviewed for approval. If everything looks ok, your PR will be approved and merged.