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Pending Projects

This page will serve as a general list of some ideas for DAO projects that we would like to pursue further. If any of these are of interest to you, send a message in Discord and we may be able to set up a grant.

Flight Test Tracking Platform

As we expand our flight tests, there will be a need for some more organization of the test data. We've discussed the idea for an tool that would let us record each test flight with the type of aircraft hardware used, log files, video recordings, and any notes from the flight. We imagine people flying with many variations of hardware, so keeping things organized could be a unique challenge.

Getting started on this would require someone to take ownership on developing the concept further with input from other DAO members and creating some UI mockups of the tool.

Safety Critical RTOS

As we've investigated building an open source flight controller stack for manned aviation, we've realized that one major barrier is the lack of an open source real time operating system that we can build on top of. Arrow would like to help build this as a good for the world. We'd want to adhere to SIL-3 and DO-178C in the development process. This is a difficult and lengthy undertaking and we'd need very high confidence in the team taking it on.

We'd hope to partner with other projects that would benefit from an open source safety critical RTOS to help share the burden. Getting started on this would require a experienced engineer to begin organizing the project. See this Discord thread for more context.

Version Control/Better Management Tools for Decentralized Hardware Development

This could be split into multiple different projects. We've felt some friction in the development and organization process for our hardware that we think could be solved by some better tooling. Early work on this would be to thoughtfully think through the problems to be solved and scope, then to create some UI mockups. Some features we've discussed:

  • "Github for hardware"

  • Listing and organization of all our CAD files with context for manufacturing

  • Fork-ability of parts and part -> assembly management

  • Easy and permissionless onboarding for new contributors to get to work with our CAD files

  • A "place order" button that routes the order to a nearby Arrow workshop or approved supplier for fulfillment