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Founding Engineer at Arrow

At Arrow, we are building vertical-takeoff aircraft that are affordable and accessible to anyone. We believe that we can make faster, more effective progress towards this ambitious dream if we embrace collaboration over competition and build entirely in public so that anyone in the world can easily contribute their ideas. Our mission is to create a scaled air-taxi network that will dramatically increase human freedom and connectedness by allowing anyone to travel wherever they want, whenever they want.

As software technology advances, more and more of the hardware engineering process can be completed digitally. Aerospace companies of the past necessitated a local team to iterate in the physical realm. Going forward, work can be completed remotely. Instead of machined prototypes and wind tunnels, we use CAD models and CFD testing. Critically, we believe that focusing on remote first will allow us to grow a larger global team, and move much faster than teams limited to physical proximity.

At Arrow, we have a culture of idea meritocracy. All of our engineering work is open-source, so anybody is free to contribute valuable ideas and get rewarded with our Arrow token. Instead of a traditional legal structure, Arrow has all of its business logic on the Ethereum blockchain. This way, we can easily reward any contributor with our token, which will grow in value along with Arrow’s success. We recognize the extraordinary difficulty of our mission, and we don’t exclude anyone with work or ideas to contribute.

Your Role

As a founding engineer, you will help guide the early architecture choices for our product and grow the team that will turn our vision into reality.

Your responsibilities will include:

Team Leadership: You will hire and grow our engineering team, and keep everyone organized while working on high-impact tasks.

Product Leadership: You will guide early decisions about the architecture and design for our first aircraft. You should be competent in the engineering skills necessary to start building our prototype.

Remote Work: We are a global, fully remote team. You will be responsible for communicating with people in different time zones, and building out the tools and processes that will make our team extremely effective.

Your Competencies:

  • Strong hardware or aerospace engineering background
  • A track record of leading successful technical teams
  • Deep understanding of aircraft design and aerospace technology
  • Ability to work effectively in a remote environment

The Offer

You will work on a highly impactful project, making contributions towards increasing the freedom of movement for humans globally. All of our work is open-source and created for the greater good of everyone.

We are a fast-moving team in a growing space. We offer highly competitive cash and token (equity) allocation.

We respect all of our team members as individuals. We aim to provide you with the resources that you need to maintain a healthy work/life balance, grow professionally, and be happy.

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